Thursday, January 26, 2012

Post Op Tonsilectomy

Little Miss had her tonsils and adenoids removed on January 13 at UAB. She had a rough recovery, but had strong meds to help her through the pain. We're at the end of week 2 post op and she is definitely back to herself. She's watching Barney like a champ, asking for cheerios all day long, and give her brothers a run for their money. She hasn't been to school since her surgery though. I can tell she misses her teachers, friends, and riding on the bus. (She specifically asks about the bus every morning.)

I've own this book for a while. Actually I got it as a Christmas gift shortly after Little Miss was born from my sister. I've looked at it here and there, but I just now started putting it to use. Little Miss is picking up quickly.

(She's pointing to her name) :-D

And Little Miss LOVES puzzles. She plays with puzzles all day long. This particular puzzle gives her some trouble because of the sun piece. She has a hard time line up the suns' rays. Well, she's got it mastered now.

And like all individuals with Down Syndrome she has low muscle tone, so we had to throw in some physical therapy too.

The boys were kept around to help M with her alphabet. We can all see how interested they were with that book.

So, we're back on the road to some much as what can be found with these 3 around.


Rochelle said...

Glad she is doing so well. Yes we are moving forward with the reading with Alayna too. She can read all our names and a few other sight words but I haven't worked with her on it in months. Bad mommy!
I am going to a reading conference on Saturday I will let you know anything new I learn.

Kristin said...

Glad she's feeling better. That's a rough surgery, well recovery ;)

The Byrd's Nest said...

She is such a cutie patootie! My Emma has low muscle tone too. Actually, when we went back home to Texas, both girls were diagnosed as having sensory processing disorders. This is a whole new world for us. We began the brushing and activities that we can do at home since we don't have a therapist here in Mexico. I will have to use that idea with the blanket!!! Great for hard work:) I am already amazed at the results in both of them.

I learn so much from your blog.