Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our vacation, Part 2

We met with my Aunts and Uncles (there was another set we met with but I failed to take any pictures :-( ).

This is Courtney and her mom, Shelly, who graciously offered to watch this kids so I could have a lunch date with my mom and sister. An amazing day out! I can't thank enough for watching the kids. Shelly has taken a special interest in Little Miss. There's just something about little Miss that draws people to her.

M has developed a true love for popcorn. She refused to share with this sad face. Sorry Crash...

Uncle J gave M a pack of stickers and a koosh ball, fun stuff!

We learned that Little B is pretty hety for M to pick up.

Grandpa, Aunt T, and Gramma with the kiddos

And last, but certainly not least, Little Miss met Grandpa home from work with welcome home kisses.

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