Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter with the cousins. *And yes, the twins have mis-matched socks thanks to their Daddy's silly sense of humor. ;-)

Daddy helping Little Miss find some eggs

This is MY 1st ever egg hunt because of family beliefs. I'm still on the fence about our participation in the event, but it was a good time and brought family together to celebrate the day our Lord rose from the dead. He is Risen, indeed.

M insisted on carrying her own basket

Even with a little trail of scattered eggs behind her, thanks to Grandma who picked out her beautiful dress, she looked like a princess all day.


Jessica said...

That's funny about the socks!! They are at the mercy of their parents still!!

Rochelle said...

So cute! They boys are getting SO big!

Sabrina said...

Hi! I just hopped over here from Sarah Ely's blog and I really enjoyed reading this post! I think your twins' mismatched socks are adorable! I love M's dress, too - quite princess-y if I do say so myself. God bless!

Twilson9608 said...

What a doll!