Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello snazzy lil’ Bumbledoo trainers, goodbye diapers!

We've been wanting to phase out diapers, but I knew our Little Miss wasn’t ready for her big girl panties just yet. Before purchasing our first Bumbledoo Trainers, a friend gave me a set of “not worthy to be named” trainers. The other trainers were made of cheap material, bulky, crinkly, and didn’t seem to hold up well against my heavy wetting toddler.

I decided it was time to invest in some quality training pants and in my quest I stumbled upon Bumbledoo Trainers. Bumbledoo Trainers, are not only made with high quality fabrics and materials, but they are earth friendly and made right here in the USA. Once we converted to Bumble Pants we were shocked to learn that Bumbledoos didn’t crinkle when my toddler scurried from here to there. She was “crinkle butt” no more.

So you’re probably thinking…”So what. A little crinkle butt isn’t exactly a deal breaker.” But you know what are…leaks. If Peanut has an accident in her Bumble Pants, I know the accident will stay in her trainers. With the other trainers, not only did she know she was wet (which is pretty much the purpose of training pants), but so did everyone else (which is absolutely not the point of training pants). Potty training is tedious enough, chasing after a leaky toddler is not how I want to spend my “down” time. I’m proud to report that we haven’t had a single leak with Bumbledoo Trainers.

Bumble Pants make potty training easy for our daughter and for us. Bumble Pants are made with an elastic waistband that offers a pull-up style. The pull up makes going to the potty a breeze. In addition to the elastic waist band there’s also a snap-closure for those moments when accidents happen. I don’t have to worry about being out in public and changing pants and shoes, I just put the snaps to good use.

I, personally, fell in love with the snap option when Little Miss had an unfortunate poopy episode. Clean up was a breeze: unsnap, wipe, and replaced with a new Bumbledoo. The “other” trainers with their limited pull up option would have created a holy mess with poop smearing up her legs, but that was simply not the case with our Bumble Pants.

But that’s not all: these snazzy snaps serve an additional purpose; you can have Bumbledoo add snaps onto the waistband to get a custom fit trainer on your little one’s bum.

My favorite part about Bumble Pants is their trim fit and adorable patterns. Bumble Pants fit like underwear, but offer their superior protection against leaks. Thanks to their underwear type wear-ability, dressing and potty training is a breeze. Jeans actually fit in Bumbledoo Trainers; we aren’t chained to stretchy pants or skirts anymore. The cute prints make potty training fun for everyone. You can’t help by smile when choosing between “Strawberry Shortcake” versus “Ooga Booga” for the day.

And last, but certainly not least: Bumbledoo Trainers are earth friendly, affordable, and can be used from your first child all the way to your last. Bumbledoo won’t fill up our landfills, thus leaving the world a little less cluttered for your kids to enjoy. Once you purchase your set of trainers, you don’t have to worry about throwing that money into the trash (like you would with disposable pull ups) because you can use them again and again. The materials they use will hold up for many years and children to come.

I’m confident with Bumbledoo Trainers that I will not be cleaning up leaky messes around my house or in public. I no longer have to pre-plan outfits bee-cause Bumbledoo pants are slender enough to accommodate jeans or stretch pants. Their colorful and fun patterns help to make potty training, dare I say…enjoyable. The affordable, handcrafted, made in the USA, quality is superior to any other trainers I experimented with before deciding Bumbledoo Pants were just simply the very best. And to my way of thinking…my kids deserve the very best that I can give them.


Rochelle said...

I think they should pay you for the great advertisement =)!
Oh my goodness does she looks super cute in those or what? Loving it! Go M Go!

Melissa M said...

These sound cool, and her flowered butt is just too cute!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow...I have been a mom for 27 years now and they just keep coming up with the greatest things ever!!!! They are really adorable....but not nearly as adorable as she is in them:)

CJ said...

Love the trainers AND your new header photo!!