Friday, January 14, 2011

Interactive Books

Way back in October I wrote about my project: Interactive Books. The book has been laminated and semi-completed for months now. I had to work on some finishing touches, but all in all it was usable. I just wasn't using it. :( I always had a "good" excuse and now I'm completely regretting waiting so long because Little Miss absolutely loved playing with her book today.

In hindsight, it would have been well worth the $20.00 for the book. I do love that my book is specific to Peanut and target words that she's working on, but between the time and money I spent gathering the materials for the book and putting it together, I'm sure I spent right around the asking price.

I like the books because not only do they encourage early reading skills, but we can use them to work on verbal and sign labels,

identifying colors,


as well as working on those fine motor skills.

All in all though, I'm considering converting some of Peanut's favorite books into interactive books because I really want to encourage as much verbal and sign communication as possible right now. But we'll see how long this little project takes to get off the ground...this little girl has a long list of favorite books ;-)

Oh and for those you of you that might not have seen my facebook post, M got her chubby little fingers on her right hand closed in the van door a couple days ago.

I was taking out one of the boys car seats, getting ready for Ben's eye exam actually and I turned around, pushed the button to close the door, and within seconds heard a wail that I hope to never hear again. I turned to see my sweet little red head, hand stuck in the door, picking her feet off the ground trying to escape. Talk about an awful moment for both of us! I screamed, she continued to scream, and I got her out as quickly as possible. Although my mommy ego is bruised, her little hand is healing well.


Rochelle said...

Alayna loves that book! We are super thankful that you shared it.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I just love her little face...she is oh so precious.f

EN said...

Love the interactive book concept! You can see the wheels turning - she's going to be a smarty pants!