Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life is Good

Here are the boys (Benjamin's on the left, Brayden's on the right) all dressed and ready to go for their 2 week well baby. I can't believe they're 2 weeks old already! Both boys are gaining weight and we don't have to go back to the doctor until their 2 month well baby appointment.

They slept for the majority of the appointment.

Here's Brayden getting a bath. This child loves the water already.

He sleeps quite soundly after a bath.

Little Miss is enjoying her role as big sister and Mac & Cheese taste tester. She's gearing up for a bath here herself. lol!

Peanut's school had a spaghetti dinner last night. It was a lot of fun getting out of the house is visiting with everyone at the center. Peanut had fun playing up on the stage and peek-a-boo with a friend from school.

I've been missing alone time with my little girl, so I was thinking maybe she felt the same way. This morning I took Little Miss to a local coffee shop that has a play area. We shared a chocolate muffin, played with the train table, and chatted about the wall art. It was a quick trip since I had to be back to feed the boys, but it was time well spent with my baby girl.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our little amazing big sister!

To help Peanut feel like she's not quite so out of place and that she has a very important role in taking care of her brothers, we've been having her open any presents or boxes that come to the house. A couple days ago, we received a box from our Aunt B and cousins. M was happy to help open the box and the presents inside.

Aunt B sent us a couple items to match our bedding that was on our registry. Little Miss even said thank you for the awesome gifts.

She certainly loves being a big sister. She understands that she has to sit down to either kiss or hug the boys. When they cry, she goes to the pack n play to see what they're doing. Even though they aren't sleeping through the night, when the cry, they have yet to wake her up. That's pretty amazing too. :-)

The boys are settling in well too. We've had a couple of nights that they actually slept a solid 3 hours each. Those nights were AMAZING! ;-) We're having some issues with the boys wetting through their diapers which has been a little stressful as it wakes the boys up, has created a mountain of laundry, and is just more work in general.

Also, we decided early on to breastfeed because of all the benefits for the babies, and for me. I nursed Peanut until she was 18 months old and wanted to do the same with the boys. Ms heart condition caused her to burn more calories than she was consuming from breast milk alone so we had to supplement early on using a combination of breast milk and formula to increase her caloric intake. Although they have both been nursing very well, I am considering supplementing their feeds with either pumped milk or formula. I've successfully mastered tandem feeding, but my body is feeling broken and abused. Using formula or pumped milk intermittently might give me the break I need to heal between feeds. I am, however, feeling quite guilty about "giving up" so early (it hasn't even been 2 weeks). Any one have any advice on supplementing?

I had wanted to post this video before the boys arrived, but that didn't happen. Since taking the video Peanut's walking has literally taken off. Our little peanut just continues to amaze me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our New Additions

Introducing Brayden Lee (6.0lbs, 20.5 in., born at 8:20am) and Benjamin Carl (5.9lbs, 20 in., 8:21am)

One Nov 2, Bradley and I drove to the hospital to have our scheduled C-section. The night before my scheduled section with Peanut, my water broke and she came into the world a little earlier than her scheduled time. So, I was a nervous wreck that we would repeat this on Monday night however none of that happened and we went in as planned. Everything went pretty smoothly upon our arrival and we met the boys at 8:20 and 8:21am.

Baby A/Brayden had Apgar scores of 8 and 9 and Baby B/Benjamin had scores for 6 and 8. Baby B was taken to the NICU because his breathing was faster than they were comfortable with however by the time he made it to the NICU his breathing was improving, so they monitored him for another 4 hours and he was returned to us and hasn't had any complications since.

I've been worried sick over M and how she will feel when she is no longer the center of it all. Although the first meeting wasn't fantastic, since we've been home M has been nothing but excited, interested, and just an amazing big sister. I highly suspect God has been playing a role in the ease of transition so thanks for all the prayers everyone!

Can you spot Peanut waiting to hold the baby?

Little Miss loves to hug, hold, and kiss her brothers.

We are now a family of 5! There are sleepless nights, the house looks like a tornado rolled through, and my body still aches from the c-section, but our life is amazingly perfect. M loves her Big Sister role, Bradley is doing everything he possibly can to keep me from doing too much, and just being there when anything is needed. We are blessed, so very blessed indeed. Thank you, again, to everyone for all the prayers and support.

Here's Bradley with Brayden and Benjamin...

and Bradley with Marissa? Notice a trend?

Yep, I truly did worry over nothing. God's plan is perfect even when we aren't entirely sure what he was thinking...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow's the BIG day

By the grace and blessings of God, we'll be welcoming twin boys into the world.

Since we're military we don't have family nearby. Thankfully Bradley's mom flew down on Saturday to help us out. It's been wonderful having her here!! Peanut is eating up all the attention. Sure makes me wish we lived closer to family. Anyway, Grandma watched M today while Bradley and I did our pre-op appointment, then we had a lunch date, and mini shopping excursion.

We picked out my Christmas present. It's a little early, but the 1 I have is from 1975 and recently decided it didn't want to spin the bobbin. We figured that it's time...

We also picked up a Christmas present to "share". It's been a big hit so far.

In fact, when Bradley was trying to play with it, he had Little Miss standing at the arm of his chair literally screaming for a turn. Can you guess who won that little battle of wills?

Here I am at 38 weeks pregnant. I have to say, pf all the news I heard of twin pregnancies coming early and this complication or that. I've had absolutely NO complications with this pregnancy and here we are, made it all the way to 38 weeks. God is good!

At the end of the day I forced everyone to go eat at the Waffle House because you can't go wrong with waffles, bacon, and eggs. Peanut also scored some chocolate milk so she was smitten with the arrangements.

I'm off to bed now feeling anxious, of course. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers!