Friday, September 24, 2010

Inspired by Cord Blood and Marrow

So it's old news that we're expecting twin boys on November 15th (Nov 1 being the date of our C-section). Bradley and I have been debating banking our cord blood because our little Princess is at an increased risk of developing leukemia.

Stats from Courtney...not sure of her source. ;-)

It is estimated that the risk of leukemia for children under 10 years of age is increased by at least 18 times if they have Down syndrome.

One in every 95 children with Down syndrome develops leukemia, compared with one in every 2000 children without Down syndrome.

Banking cord blood is a very pricey option ($2195 for the 1st year and @200 annually thereafter through Cord Blood Registry CBR) though and since it would merely be precautionary at this point, we decided we would opt to donate the cord blood. I've been mulling over the options and then I stumbled across a simple, yet poignant reminder to follow through with my donation research. (Thank you Courtney for the reminder.)

I called our Public Donation Bank and was told it was super simple to donate our cord blood. My plans for the C-section are to occur at a hospital that already processes cord blood donations, so it would be simple. Step 1, let me OB doctor know of my plans to donate our cord blood. Step 2, upon arriving at the hospital for delivery let the staff know I would be donating our cord blood. Since our hospital is already a donation center, I would sign the consent form when we arrived a the hospital. The nurses, techs, and doctors know what to do form there. Nothing is taken from the baby, nothing is taken from me, no harm done. Just a simple donation that could save the life of someone who is searching for a cure.

Done deal, in my mind. Then I mentioned, we expecting twins. Sadly I learned that we are unable to donate cord blood from twins. Apparently the chance of cross contamination between multiples cord blood is too risky for donation purposes. Although we are unable to donate our cord blood, YOU still can, if you're preggers anyway.

Regardless of whether you're expecting or not, bone marrow donors are in high demand. Take come time to check out their information at
Maybe you could help save the life of a warrior battling a long, hard fight.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lil Miss Sept 2010


Here's some video of Peanut in the last month or so. I realize that every single clip she has no clothes on, just sportin' her rockin' cloth diapers. Yes, she has clothes, but these summer months have been quite hot in NC and Peanut has a hard time regulating her body temp so she's perpetually sweaty. I blame it on the troublesome thyroid function associated with Down Syndrome. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video of Miss cutie patootie.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

31 weeks and potty training

We're now 31 weeks pregnant with twin boys. No names as of yet and their room is still a disaster, but my bag is packed for the hospital "just in case".

We've been reading books, talking about, and playing pretend with babies for Peanut to get some exposure to little ones. She attends daycare 2 times a week (where she conveniently receives the majority of her therapies) and her teachers have reported she's always nice to the babies in the nursery. Let's hope this trend continues...

We've been giving her lots of attention, tickles, and love since very soon her little world is going to change quite drastically.

And if expecting twins isn't enough, we've decided it's time to potty train Lil Miss. She's steadily showing us signs that she's ready. She follows us to the bathroom, tells us when her diaper needs changing, and will sit on her potty while we sing a song or 2. She's peed a handful of times and made a stink another time. She claps for herself and is reinforced for sitting when we give her a square of toilet paper.

Tomorrow I'm going to start recording every 30 minutes when she is wet/dry/poopy. I'm hoping there will be a pattern so that I can set up a potty schedule to place her on the potty every hour or so. We'll see what the data says though before setting up a true schedule. Her school seems to be on board with the idea, so maybe, just maybe I'll only have to diaper 2 babies throughout the day in a couple of months.

I'm praying Lil Miss is successful to start. I'd hate to introduce her to the potty and then not be able to follow through if the boys happen to come early. But she just seems so ready, I don't think I want to pass up the opportunity. ***Prayers would be appreciated that she can accomplish this by Nov 1***