Thursday, September 10, 2009

One day at a time...

So, today was crazy. I got to work late, had 3 meetings, then I was off to work w/ a kid & found out I had to take my exam no later than 10:30 & my kid was scheduled for 10. So I had to re-arrange that schedule...race to get to the testing center. Race to take the test so I could work w/ my kid by 11:45. I scored 74%, which is AWFUL for me.

Then I came home & had to take advantage of Marissa being at school and cut the lawn. That was a dirty job so I had to shower for a 2nd time today. With the little spare time I had leftover I created another blog, Marissa's Marchers, to help our efforts to raise funds for Marissa's helmet therapy. It's still a work in progress because then Marissa came home and she needed to EAT. I fed her, then we rushed out to my FRG meeting. That wound up running late, which meant I wasn't able to go to Food Lion to pick up their donations. i called & I can come get them in a week or so because the woman donating is on vacation starting tomorrow (go figure!)

THEN, as I am pulling into Riverbrooke, a beautiful Husky ran out in front of my car. I could see clearly that it was wearing a collar (and being the sucker that I am) stopped to see if I could read the tag. The dog was all jazzed up and hopped right into my car! I got the phone number off the collar, called the owner, and they came to get Maggie (that's her name) after about 15 minutes.

Whew, so I had to finished the night with some e-mails, a quick blog, and tomorrow we'll be up early for a memorial service for 2 fallen warriors. It's time to say my prayers and go to sleep

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