Friday, September 18, 2009

Helmet Therapy

So Marissa got her helmet today. She did fine when we were at the office. They had to take it on & off several time to get it to fit correctly. She fussed a little, reaching for me to hold her and such, but nothing outrageous.

Soon enough, we were out on out own. The 1st week is considered the conditioning phase where you are basically getting the child comfortable with something on his or her head. Part of conditioning on the first day is the helmet is worn an hour on and an hour off all day. You gradually increase throughout the week until the helmet is worn 23 hours a day/7 days a week for 3-4 months. She will get an hour break each day for hygiene.

So anyway, when it was my turn to take the helmet off I got a HUGE "pouty" lip. I thought, "No big deal, just a quick moment of discomfort and it was over with." Well, then I had to put it back on an hour later. Wouldn't you know she screamed the loudest scream I have ever heard from her little lungs? She did NOT like me putting that helmet on. I yanked it off and she was fine. Well, I had to do it. This is what people warned me about... I tried again, she screamed, I gave it a little push & it popped right into place. About 10 seconds later she stopped crying and she was fine with a little bit of cuddling. The helmet stayed on for another hour and that's how the rest of our trials went. Put on, scream, hugs & kisses, and she was fine.

So now with the helmet on her head. It's a VERY tight fit. I can already see red marks on her scalp which will need to be addressed when we go back next Friday for another fitting. And although she's only wearing the helmet an hour at a time right now, her head is getting unbelievably sweaty. I mean her head is soaking wet when I take it off. I didn't notice while we were at UNC, probably because Marissa was eye-level with me on the physician's table, but the helmet is just about flush with her eyes. I, personally, think that would be very distracting and make it very difficult to see what's going on when she's playing on the floor.

I plan to call them Monday to see if they need to see her sooner rather than later to make any necessary adjustments. A week seems like a long time to go with something digging into her little scalp. I pray she gets used to this and that I do too. From everyone I've spoken with it will get easier for both of us. I guess it's 1 day down, 4 months to go.

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amy flege said...

she looks so cute with her helmet!!!!! I hope it gets better and it does the trick!

Busy B's said...

She is sooo cute!! any of us would look horrible with that helmet on our heads but she looks so cute! Hope to see you when you are in the area, Your Dad said you were comming. I LOVE the new pics of her! What a blessing!

Perplexing Situation said...

Busy B's, do you have a blog? I can't see your picture to know who this is...

Thanks Amy! I hope so too. I'm just happy it's 3-4 months & not years. ha!

Lindy said...

She looks super cute with her helmet! You'll be amazed at how quickly the time passes - Fin has had hers since the end of May...! I hope she's adjusting to it. Good luck as you continue this temporary part of your journey.