Friday, September 11, 2009


So, I set up a new blog called Marissa's Marchers. This is a 2 part blog. First we are trying to raise money to pay for Marissa's positional helmet therapy which is something our insurance company doesn't pay for. Our family has agreed to do a silent auction to help us reach the $3500 goal.

Donations for Marissa's positional helmet therapy can be made using the "Donate Link" in the right hand margin of either blog.

The 2nd part of Marissa's Marchers is the name for our Buddy Walk group. Since I'm not overly creative I figured I'd use the same name for the silent auction efforts. Anyway, each year we will raise money to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and the funds will go toward the fund raising efforts for the Buddy Walk.

Please know that the money we are collecting through "Donate" and the silent auction will go directly to benefit Marissa. If you would like your donation to go directly to Triangle Down Syndrome Network for this year's Buddy Walk. Please donate via Buddy Walk TDSN

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