Sunday, May 31, 2009

Treadmill Training Mission

I am on a mission to get treadmill training for Marissa. I have e-mailed several people on craigslist, freecycle, and just people I know to see about acquiring a free treadmill. I have plans to harass our insurance company relentlessly for them to approve this as equipment necessary for physical therapy. Marissa has PT this Wednesday so I am going to talk to Krista, the physical therapist, to see if she can help make this happen.

I am quite excited to learn about this great research. Do you know how many doors this will open? Do you know how encouraging it is that there are doctors out there doing things to improve the quality of life for these little ones?

Thankfully for Marissa we have faith and trust in God and we know HE has a perfect plan for her and failure is not in that plan. I'm not completely sure what God's plan is for my little peanut, nor do I know what he has planned for me. I do know that my treadmill mission is all wrapped up in an educational mission to learn a lesson in acceptance that is all wrapped up in a package full of can do's and will be's for my daughter and any other special little baby out there.


Ria said...

Godspeed with your mission!

Jessica said...

how cool would that be!! Make sure when you get one that you document it on video . . . so we can make Marissa famous!! :)

Kim Rees said...

You gooo girl! You are such a great advocate for all of us! I'm sure you will keep us all informed if you find out any more information on this amazing topic.