Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, Saturday was a little rough. After realizing the tiller we rented was much too small for the job, we returned to Home Depot to get the larger one. We needed a trailer so they hooked us up & while we were waiting the guy said, oh I cant rent it because it's supposed to be broken or something. So we go to start the car & it won't go into gear and there's a bright orange light on the dash. "uh oh!" Using the manual Bradley was able to figure out how to get the car in gear, but we basically had to drive home. It was 6 so we couldn't go to the dealership. Later that evening...I was heading to a friends house in our broken car when I realized the horn wasn't working and neither were the brake lights. yikes! Upon arrival I told my friends about my experience and thankfully Eddie (after a little poking around) pulled out a spark plug, swapped it out and TADA (sp?), the car is back in commission! Whew, we are both so happy. We only have 1 car so thinking that we wouldn't have any mode of transportation was quite stressful.

We had church this morning. It was a really good sermon, a long one, but good. The primary message that I got was that we all have gifts given to us from God. We need to learn these gifts and apply them to our lives. He spoke of defining moments that define our abilities, our gifts. I wish God would just tell you sometimes, Patti, your gift is.... "fill in the blank". Honestly though, I think my gift is helping people. I am happiest and feel most alive when I'm involved in making a difference. Whether it be kids or the elderly (sorry middle aged people don't infect my happy zone the same as kiddos and grandmas and grandpas) :-) So, as I continue to grow and have new experiences and develop my gift from God, I wonder what is your gift?

Now, little peanut. I bought her a baby pool this afternoon. As long as the rain holds off tomorrow, she'll be in her cute little butterfly swimming suit, compliments of Aunt Julie, kicking up water. I'm so excited to see her making waves and splashing all around in her little pool. I promise to take lots of long as they are within my safety zone.

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