Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Need Help w/ Feeding

I'm the works of getting a referral for Oral Motor OT for Marissa's bottle feeding issues. She used to take a bottle until she was about 4 mo. old. Once she had her surgery, we were able to strictly breast feed because she no longer had weight gain issues (i.e. see chubby legs in previous posts). Now, I am feeding her solids once a day and breast feeding the rest of the time. However, we just started daycare and she can't go all day without milk so we need this referral. OR....Can anyone out there can give me some advice on how to get her to bottle feed? I would sincerely appreciate the advice.

In addition to my exercise today, Marissa had PT. Krista, her therapist, was so happy to see her sitting independently. I should have brought my little video though because Marissa was being quite a pill and only did it at the very beginning of the session. I swear she cried for 45 minutes of an hour long session! I felt so bad for Marissa and especially for Krista! She worked hard though and had a good 3 minutes of supported crawling position. yeah for Marissa's strong arms!


ds.mama said...

My second child did not want to transition to a bottle and my mom found these weird shaped Playtex Natural Latch nipples that ended up being to only thing he would accept. Playtex doesn't sell them anymore but you can find them (new) on ebay... They squish down like a real nipple and I could see why he was willing to take them. Also, do you warm the bottle? That might help. And, try having Daddy or someone else give her the bottle because she KNOWS what you have and that you are holding out on her, lol! You could also try going to a sippy cup.

You'll have to copy/paste this whole link to see those Playtex nipples.

Perplexing Situation said...

I've been using a sippy cup but it takes FOREVER to get her to drink everything. It's more or less me pouring the milk in, waiting to see if shes going to choke, and starting over.

Too bad Playtex doesn't still sell those. I just bought Nuk bottles that seem like the real thing that I send to daycare today. If they don't I go to feed her. This defeats the purpose of daycare. Doesn't it? ;-)