Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glory to God


Little improvements are HUGE accomplishments for this little angel. She underwent heart surgery at 4 months old and a little less than 4 months later she is sitting independently (for brief periods of time). For all the times that I get miffed at God for making it so hard for Marissa, today is the day I celebrated with her for her great accomplishment of sitting independently. Even if only for a short time, she did it...all on her own, SHE DID IT! God is good!

Oh, and my parents sold their home! Keep on praying though, they still hve to wait on bank paperwork and inspections and all that stuff. God is SO good.


Kim Rees said...

That is such a cool little video! I love the music too! Soooo appropriate. She is doing sooo good Patti! You have to be so proud! You are right, God is Good! Amen!

Holly S. said...

That is one beautiful smile.

Remember, Patti, God will never give you more than you can handle with his help. Whenever you feel you can't deal with something, it probably means you haven't let go and given it to God. I know that's true for me.

Ruby's Mom said...

That is just super that she is sitting on her own!!!! Ruby is 10 months old and not doing that yet.Way to go Marrisa!!!